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In everything we do, we keep an eye on the surrounding area. In the feasibility phase of the Einstein Telescope project, this means, among other things, that we keep municipal authorities, institutions and residents in the search area as well informed as possible about current developments. If actual research is carried out, such as soil drilling or other measurements, we will of course keep local residents well informed.


We also take landscape quality into account in every project phase. Here, we look first and foremost at feasibility in relation to the spatial plans and regulations in which many environmental issues are laid down. Consider the protection of the characteristic, cross-border Boca landscape. We look at how the interests of the Boca landscape and the Einstein Telescope can complement and reinforce each other. Together, we strive for the best possible integration of the Einstein Telescope into the landscape with the least possible inconvenience during the realisation phase.


In all our steps, we explore how sustainability – in the broadest sense of the word – can play a role in the preparations, construction, period of operation and even as early as the dismantling of the Einstein Telescope. Sustainability is thus an important theme during the feasibility study.