The Einstein Telescope?

The Einstein Telescope is an advanced gravitational-wave observatory, currently in the planning stage. The border region between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is being considered as a possible location. This is because of its tranquillity, stable ground and strong ecosystem of scientific institutions and high-tech companies.

Will this new centre for research into the distant universe be located in the region? Scientists, companies and governments in all three countries are exploring the possibilities together.


When stars collide or black holes form, space vibrates

Gravitational waves contain information about the most extreme events in the universe, from the nature of black holes and neutron stars to the first moments after the Big Bang. Thanks to these waves, we can study the cosmos as never before.



A new way to look at the universe

The Einstein Telescope: the world’s most sensitive gravitational-wave observatory

The European Einstein Telescope will be able to detect up to a thousand times more sources of gravitational waves than any of its predecessors. A challenge of global proportions, with fantastic opportunities for science and technology.

The Einstein Telescope opens a new window on the universe
Einstein Telescope graphic

The Euregio Meuse-Rhine: a dream location for Einstein Telescope

The Einstein Telescope can only take measurements in a tranquil environment, like that in the border region between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The stable ground would also benefit its sensitive measurements. And thanks to the regional ecosystem of scientific institutions and high-tech companies, the Einstein Telescope would be off to a flying start here.

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A unique opportunity and a boost for the region

A facility like the Einstein Telescope not only attracts top researchers, its construction and operations also benefit businesses in the region and boost the economy.



Discover the impact of the Einstein Telescope

Many scientific institutions, companies and governments are already involved. Join them!

An international panel will decide in 2024/2025 where the Einstein Telescope is to be built. It represents a huge opportunity for the region’s science, technology, businesses and economy. This is why scientists, companies and governments across the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion have joined forces to explore its candidacy.

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